Large Self-Cleaning Slicker Grooming Dog Brush

Color: Pink

 Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush is a handy tool that helps clean your pet of matted, loose, and dead hair. It also promotes healthy circulation and a shiny coat. With the push of a button, this large self-cleaning dog brush releases all the captured hairs automatically, so no scrubbing is needed. It is convenient and easy to use.

Ejecting the hair quickly helps to save you time and keep the brush head free from debris making your grooming time much more effective. This will be your favorite grooming brush


  • Comfort grip handle
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Self-cleaning for ease of use
  • For medium and long coats
  • Reduces shedding for cats with all coat types
  • Designed to facilitate removal of matted, loose & dead hair
  • Self-cleaning slicker brush help to enhance healthy circulation and shiny coat
  • With the push of a button, the captured hairs are removed without the need for scrubbing the brush


Color: Pink, Grey, Green

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