Leather pet leash burgundy lizard pattern

1.071,74 kr

  A leash is a must-have item for just about any dog owner. When walking your dog, it gives you control over the dog’s movements. While a traditional leash gets the job done, a retracted type offers more benefits. To begin with, it doesn’t get tangled easily, making it secure and safe for you and your dog.



 A genuine leather leash to match our genuine leather collars. This plain leather dog leash wide long is a great standard leather item from our pet accessories.

 Leather pet leash burgundy lizard pattern good leash doesn't get in the way and keeps your dog safe and secure, which can make you look forward to taking a few laps around the neighborhood or trekking through the woods. the beautiful leash will give good support to tackle your pet. it's easy to carry to go outside with your baby. Your pet will enjoy it!




  • Heavy Duty for Small Medium and Large Dogs
  • Great for Walking, Running, and Training
  • Fully Adjustable Safe and Comfortable
  • Easy to use(STEP IN, CLIP & GO)
  • No Pull, No Choke


Leather Composition: Burgundy lizard pattern head layer cowhide

Leash Sizes : 

  • XS : size width 1.2cm, 1.2 m length
  • S :  width 1.4cm , 1.2 m length


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