Handmade Gold Leather Pet Collar

459,33 kr
Color: Gold

A strong and durable high-quality handmade gold leather pet collar is a really amazing item for your beloved puppy. It helps protect its neck. This is the Genuine Leather Dog Collar and used widely. Genuine leather collar adorned with durable widget charms.  This collar helps keep your pet safe and at the same time provides a stylish way to showcase your pet's information. 

High-quality genuine real leather dog collar fully padded for comfort. The collar is accented with a beaded pattern inlay. The leather features a floral tooled finish. Rust-free stainless steel hardware. This handmade gold leather pet collar is a great genuine leather that gives more comfort.


  • Suitable for traveling and outdoors
  • Small and portable
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Fashionable gift for your pet
  • Leather adds durability
  • Stability & comfortable 


Leather composition: Golden lizard pattern head layer cowhide

Color: Gold

Collar sizes : 

  • XS: 20-26 cm
  • S: 24-30 cm
  • M: 30-36 cm
  • L : 36-44 cm

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