Handmade Black Leather pet collar

Color: black

Black leather pet studded collar for dogs. It's very comfortable and stylish with a sleek design. Fashion Collar For Dogs is the comfortable and stylish everyday collar your dog needs. This collar is stylish black leather with small studs and will have your dog strutting down the block in style. It comes equipped with a D-ring for the leash and a classic, sturdy, and metal buckle for convenience.

Stylish and comfortable with a clean sleek look. Take your dog for a walk-in style with a Fashion black leather pet studded collar. For Dogs. leather collar shares your passion for animals. You can count on a full line of expertly crafted, quality products to keep your pet healthy and happy. Which makes you happy, too. 


  • Clean Sleek look
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Solid Buffalo Leather Collar
  • Metal buckle for convenience
  • Handmade by our own production crew
  • Stitching is for both extra strength and decoration


Deal for dogs with a neck size between 16-22 inches, and a weight up to 90lbs.

Color: Black

Collar sizes : 

  • XS : 20-26 cm
  • S : 24-30 cm
  • M : 30-36 cm
  • L : 36-44 cm

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